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03. Januar 2013, 20:52

Dakar Village: “There is more to Peru than just Machu Pichu”

Inaugurated by the Peruvian President, Ollanta Humala, the Dakar Village has been the major popular success of scrutineering. Offering the crowds the possibility to taste the atmosphere of the race, this 15,000 m² site boasts a broad range of activities spread over 23 stands.Copyright A.S.O.

Lima, 3rd January 2013,Red. (mk) “We came to the conclusion that scrutineering was reserved for competitors and that the spectators could only see them at the starting ceremony,” explains Simon Deleplanque, Manager of the Dakar Village. “We felt we had to share the atmosphere of the Dakar, with a starting ceremony boasting a big screen showing all the competitors, but also with eye-catching structures, activities and prize competitions. We’ve achieved our goal. A new feature this year is the stand that directly overlooks the technical scrutineering tent”.

In total, 200,000 people are expected over the 3 days. Many of them will make a beeline to the official Peru tent, where it is possible to be photographed driving a 4x4 over a sand dune… as long as you are patient. “We’ve been waiting for half an hour,” explained a spectator, “but I’m sure it’s worth it. In any case, I’m really proud to experience all this and see that my country is doing its utmost to show that there is more to Peru than just Machu Pichu”.

A little further on, a father watches the performance of his 6-year old son behind the wheel of a 4x4… on a simulator. “It’s incredible! I came as soon as it opened with my wife and 4 children, because the eldest wanted to see the vehicles arrive, and he wasn’t disappointed! It’s impossible to get him down from the stand! As for my youngest, he’s running from stand to stand and wants to try everything. It’s great to see the new generation discover the world of the Dakar. What’s more, we are going to go to Pisco to watch the race”. Who knows, the village may be a starting point for some future stars!

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